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Leadership Development with different directions

Your Most Trusted Thinking Partner &
Advisor in Leadership

Who We Are

Welcome to the Third Opinion Partners, a bespoke leadership advisory firm focused on helping leaders navigate complex leadership challenges. We provide thinking partnerships to support leaders and their organizations to excel in their leadership growth and development agenda.

The concept of The Third Opinion was first articulated by Dr. Saj-Nicole Joni in 2004, and since then, Third Opinion Partners have developed and codified a set of disciplines to help leaders learn how to build third opinion into their repertoire of leadership development solutions.

We recognize that in complex contexts, according to the Cynefin framework, leaders cannot ferret out right answers. Rather, instructive patterns emerge when the leader conducts experiments that can safely fail. In this realm of unknown unknowns, leaders need to probe first, then sense, and then respond. At Third Opinion Partners, we help leaders build third-opinion thinking partnerships in that process to build great leaders and create greater organizations.
Leadership development requires both in-depth expertise and a set of third-opinion thinking partnerships that can help leaders and their organizations lift their game, stretch their horizons, and deliver impactful results. Our strategic global perspectives help leaders curate the consulting advice, coaching, and knowledge they receive into actionable decisions.
Third Opinion Partners is committed to helping leaders and their organizations create positive, lasting leadership change, and we look forward to partnering with you.

As Third Opinion Partners, we practice:

Opening doors for high performance
Humble Inquiry Beyond Active Listening
Curiosity Beyond Diagnostics
Habits Beyond Management
Virtues Beyond Ethics and Governance
Discipline of Advisory Beyond Expertise

Why Third Opinion Partners:

Global Experience

20 years in the industry; Fortune 1000 client list; network of global consultants

Center of Excellence in Asia

Leading out of Singapore as Asia hub, deep knowledge and track record of serving multinational corporations operating in Asia as well as local Asia organizations

Proven Content & Methodologies

Facilitation techniques, agile learning solutions, thought leader content, and adult learning principles. Recognition for continual innovation in our programs, services, and solutions

Multifaceted & Customized Approach

Dedicated to creating world-class, integrated and customized development experiences that include assessments, coaching, action learning, and readily applicable tools

Blended Learning

Ability of combining in-person and online customized workshop delivery and training

Content Alliances

Partner network with global academic institutions and best thought-leaders in the world

in Leadership Consulting
Asian Countries
Our clients operate in
Executive Leaders
Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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