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Grand view - Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching & Advisory

Our success has been in our ability to integrate leadership best practices, conceptual models, business strategy and proven coaching approaches to deliver rigorous and high-impact leadership and coaching programs for leaders’ continuous development.

Empowering Every Layer of Organization

We work with organizations in designing and developing integrated and comprehensive coaching and mentoring interventions as part of their talent development strategy as we understand that the impact and performance of every leader are primarily based on how they manage themselves, grow their competencies, and align their commitments to the priorities of their role, organization, context, demands, and needs of the operating environment and industry.

Drawing on our extensive experience working with senior executives worldwide, we will assist organizations in the customized design, development, and implementation of the executive coaching program for your top and senior management so as to create long-term value.

Third Opinion Partners’ Coaching Framework


Heighten Self Awareness

Uncover insights that open opportunities

As a trusted partner, the coach helps the coaching client to explore, make sensible diagnosis of what they want to do, can do, and should do. We have found that leaders are most effective and able to sustain performance at a high level over time when they are able to align what they want to do, can do and should do. Our coaches are certified to administer a variety of psychometric tools that help clients have a deeper understanding of their leadership capabilities, style, preferences, values, behaviours, motivations, and potential derailment.


Facilitate Exponential Thinking:

Develop foresights and breakthrough ideas

As a thinking partner, the coach creates a safe space for the coaching client to expand their perspectives, test their ideas by leveraging the coach’s own experiences and enriching expertise. This is an intentional step to help the leader to find new learnings and horizon, to develop their capacity, unleash their potential and prepare them to perform outside their comfort zone.


Translate Ideas into Action Plan

Integrate leadership best practices, conceptual models and business strategy to promote growth and change

While coaching is about facilitating leaders to make better decisions independently, the real test of coaching expertise is if the coaching results bring positive changes, growth, or “transformation” that are sustainable in leaders. In this step, the coach partners with the client to deliver sustainable results and impact by translating ideas into individual development plan. This development plan can include training and learning courses, job posting and conferences that build new expertise domain and knowledge to support the consistent and progressive growth of clients.

Leverages on decades of leadeship development and insights
Is grounded in practical context and geared toward results and impact
Employs proven assessment tools including 360 degree assessment and Psychometric tools for insight and perspective
Provides tools and techniques for coaching to happen "on the playing field"
Measures and tracks behavioural change and its impacts on performance

Executive Coaching: Our Approach to Develop Leaders for High Performance

Team Coaching: Advancing Top Team Effectiveness

Top teams, by default, are the most important teams in the organization because decision-making and strategy formulation tend to cascade from the top. Unfortunately, high-performance top teams are exceptionally rare. The key difference between average teams and exceptional teams lies in aspects of trust, ability to debate issues, commitment, accountability and clarity of goals. Great teams also have good structure, pay great attention to results and have suitable supporting processes. 

Team Coaching Efforts

Why Team Coaching? With Top Team Coaching, team members will:

Gain better understanding of themselves and other team members as to leverage on each other’s strengths and support one another’s areas of development
Improve team cohesiveness and encourage more collaboration as to lead to an increase in engagement level and performance boost
Foster trust and build rapport among team members through improved conflict management
Enhance the sense of top team value and clarity around top priorities which will result in improved decision making and strategic problem solving

We can coach you and your team to higher performance

Let us support you and your team on the journey to build a more effective organization through Executive Coaching Advisory. 

Explore our services or contact us to discuss your leadership needs.

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