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A broader perspective for Organization Development


Organization Development

At Third Opinion Partners, our point of view on Organization Development is strategic and focused on impact. Our team has practical Organization Development and Design skills grounded in real-world experience.


With more than 20 years of experience working with thousands of leaders, we are proud to serve as strategic Third Opinion Partners to world-class organizations. We partner with leading organizations to create and deliver robust Organization Development programs designed to drive results.

We help clients craft a suite of Organization Development practices to enable you to execute your strategy and strategic intents. Our work is based on industry insights, in-depth expertise in Organization Development & professional third opinion. We help your organization tailor humanizing frameworks in order to thrive today and be future-ready for tomorrow.

We provide strategic consulting services across the following areas:

Organization Design

We tap on your knowledge of the organization to facilitate and stretch your thinking on status quo and enable enhancement of your capabilities and strengths for a holistic design

  • Organization Capability Assessment – Understand key drivers that are needed to play and needed to win to gain clarity on your organization’s capabilities

  • Organization Structure Design – Align with your organization strategy and vision, and redesign for optimum performance

Organization Culture

We partner with you to understand, define and co-create an organizational culture that works for both the organization and the people

  • Culture Transformation – Inculcate desirable behavioural change that is meaningful and measurable

  • Successful Integration – In M&A cases, build a new organization, retain talent and integrate cultures

  • Psychological Safety – Create a culture that is credible and real, and leads to sustainable business growth that benefits everyone

Change Management

We engage a dynamic approach to fostering change in a continually disruptive and changing environment

  • Transformational Change Management – Understand the drivers of change to foster resilience and embody the change process

  • Transitions – Understand the change framework in engaging the individual, team and organization, transitioning the change messages to empower people and sustaining the change for the long term

Employee Engagement

We have insights into what and how employees across the globe are doing, thinking and feeling about their work and workplace

  • Intervention to Increase Engagement Scores – Know what you can do improve your
    engagement scores and see tangible results

Board Effectiveness

We are experienced strategic Thinking partners to Board members to broaden and expand their perspectives to remain effective and contribute to the long-term success of the organization

  • Board Effectiveness – Contextualize and enhance the effectiveness of Board and
    Management to transform businesses from the top

Succession Planning

We are strategic and client-focused to ensure your top-level and mission-critical positions are critically mapped out in a robust succession plan

  • Succession Planning – Deploy a rigorous and comprehensive process of talent
    identification & mapping, and talent readiness assessment

  • CEO & C-Suites succession – Invest in a quality and healthy talent pipeline of internal and external candidates for these top positions

Reaching a higher level for Organization Development

We Can Support Your Organization to Reach a Higher Level

Let us partner with you in your leadership and organization development efforts. Contact us to discuss your needs

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